If you are a realtor or work for a company that provides services to realtors, this article is intended as an interesting take on future trends and why they may happen. The information provided here should be used as knowledge only and not copied verbatim. Please do your research before implementing any of these suggestions.

Blogging Importance for Realtor Websites

Blogging about real estate can be a beneficial tool in creating visibility and growing your business. Whether you are blogging to promote your business or build authority in a subject matter, blogging has several advantages that will create awareness and drive potential prospects to your website.
In addition, blogging can help manage your real estate website. A common mistake is that people start a real estate website but abandon it after a few months because they aren’t getting any business from it.
However, if you post recent listings with essential updates about price changes or house showings, then consumers who are just beginning their house search will come back and look at the new listings.
A blog can serve as a virtual business card for customers interested in your services. Since the real estate industry is highly local, it could be difficult for people moving or traveling to see properties unless someone introduces them to an agent they can trust.
Having a blog that ranks well on Google will help potential buyers find your website and connect with you online through social media sites before they even move into the neighborhood. It’s essential, however, that you link back to your site from these other locations so that potential clients understand that this is where you do business.

How to Make a Realtor Blog Post More Interesting

I understand that real estate blogging is vital to your business, but let’s be honest: it can also be boring. After all, creating blog content for people who are already technically savvy isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world.

The good news is that there are several things you can do to make a realtor blog more interesting and engaging – with minimal effort! Take a look at some tips below.
• Make sure it’s useful/helpful
• Include visuals
• Incorporate social media
• Be flexible with your topics
• Write about what interests you
• Why not get personal?
• Networking: It’s key

If you’re doing this for yourself, get creative and think about what readers would be interested in knowing about the area where they live and work.
• Are there historic sites nearby that people might want to learn about?
• Fun events planned?
• Recipes for local dishes that are fun to try out at home?
Your choices will be limited only by your creativity and the precise details of your real estate market’s story.
Finally, one last tip for keeping your Realtor blog interesting involves using “evergreen” keywords. These are keywords that work well no matter how old the article is.
The idea behind having an evergreen keyword is that you can write about very specific topics (and sometimes obscure) but still get people to return for more if it is done correctly. For example, you could write about “house fire prevention” or “disaster recovery,” and many people would find the article interesting – even years after it was first published.

Top 3 Ways to Get Your Blog Posts Noticed

Steps for getting your blog posts noticed:

1. Use a catchy title: people are drawn to titles that pique their interest or curiosity, and they often click on those.
2. Add photos: including images in blog posts is a sure way to grab attention as people like pictures and find them easier to relate to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo of the blog post subject if it’s irrelevant or appropriate. Instead, consider using other imagery such as infographics or charts, as these visuals give people something else to look at while reading the post.
3. Be consistent with your content: make sure you don’t mix up your style from one post to another because it interrupts the flow of the blog and can confuse readers. Always feature relevant content in your posts to avoid losing sight of what you’re blogging about.

Choose Blog Subjects that Will Interest People

When finding new topics about which to write, you should also consider the keywords that have been most successful for your blog in the past. Why not choose another issue that has performed well and expand upon it?
For example, if you’ve had a lot of success with articles about “selling,” then why not try blogging about “how to sell a house”? That way, people can come across older blogs and any new ones published in the future. Remember, though, to always put your unique spin on things and make every article special!
Do some research online once you’ve got writer’s block or don’t know where else to go! You may be surprised by how many topics and ideas there are out there (at least 1,000,000), but it’s still possible to have a hard time finding enough to write about.
This is where free resources such as Google, Yahoo, or even Bing come into play. With just a few simple keywords, you can find trending blogs at any given moment and use them as inspiration for your articles.
It’s also important to remember that many of these articles will have their own comments section, which means you can engage with readers right away! Lead by example, and people will be sure to follow suit.
Having a blog on your realtor’s website can be one of the best ways to make sure that visitors keep coming back time after time! Using relevant keywords alongside methods such as researching online can show you precisely what works and what doesn’t work when writing an article. With some hard work, anyone can have a successful blog on their site!


One important thing to consider is how many images you’re going to add to the article! In general, it is said that three photos should make up at least fifty percent of your blog’s posts for them to be properly illustrated.
However, real estate agents may have a difficult time finding photos, especially if they do not currently own a home. You can find photos that you could use freely from search.creativecommons.org.

Value of Good Content

Blogging for your realtor site is one of the best ways to give people a reason to visit your website. However, you have to post regularly to keep visitors coming back. If you’re not blogging often enough, here are some signs that show it’s time to start writing again.
At first, blogging may seem like an extra thing you need to do beyond showing houses and helping clients buy or sell homes. After all, this is what you get paid for, right? Absolutely! But consider this: blogging shows your audience (be it buyers or sellers) that you know what you’re talking about and will provide them with good information.
It also keeps them coming back to your site. This is why you must blog enough so that your audience keeps coming back for more. If you’re not posting regularly, blogging isn’t worth the time investment.

Why isn’t your website isn’t giving you leads?

People search for what you offer but can’t find it on your site. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, your realtor website could probably use a makeover. On the other hand, if there’s nothing wrong with it and no one is visiting or calling, then maybe blogging would be a great addition to improve search rankings and draw clients in.

Evergreen Content

One of the most important aspects of blogging is the ability to have evergreen content. Evergreen content is an article that remains relevant no matter how old the article is.
For example, if you wanted to blog about The Federal Reserve and did so in 2008 – 2009, your articles will still be just as relevant today provided there have been no sudden changes made by the Fed or other world-changing events such as a war or natural disaster.

Businesses should capitalize on this idea for their realtor blogs because it means they can write about many different topics and never run out of ideas (provided they do some research online). Newer technologies may also come into play, but we’ll focus mostly on evergreen content since these trends change every year.

Topical Content

Though topical content is still evergreen, it’s based on relevant things right now. How current you get with this kind of content depends on how quickly real estate news spreads. Up-to-date information will always be useful for prospective buyers or sellers, but less so if everyone knows about it already!
For example, a blog post titled “Where To Get Your Condo Appraisal” probably won’t interest readers more than a year after it’s posted. But if you were writing an appraisal guide, you could wait a few months and write a new post called “How To Appeal Your Condo Appraisal,” which would probably be helpful to readers.