Top 10 Blog Topics for Realtors

As a realtor, one of the most important things to grow your business is writing about what you know. If you are blogging, this should be easy for you as you likely have a lot of expertise in the industry and know a lot about the local market.

If you aren’t writing as regularly as you would like or aren’t sure what topics to cover, here are ten post ideas that every real estate agent should consider covering to attract new buyers and sellers.

10 Real Estate Blog Topics for Realtors

New Developments

One of my favorite posts to read on real estate blogs is a list of new home communities coming soon to an area near me. I love seeing all of the new homes and amenities that will be near me in the next year or two!

I know this is what many buyers want to see too, so if you can offer a list of new houses in an area they are interested in, you’ll likely get quite a few page views.

Local Market Trends

There are new trends and statistics published for local markets every month like average sale prices, time on the market, highest price listings, etc.

While many real estate agents may not have the time to keep up with these changes on their own (trust me; there are tons), it’s another great topic for them to write about and share with their readers. If they mention the source of your blog at the end of each post, they can get a link back (and you’ll get a link too!)

Local Resources

If the people who read your blog are looking for local resources, such as color consultations or referrals to lenders, why not write about them and list several in your post?

One of my favorite articles was called ” 5 Ways to Find The Perfect Realtor,” which listed several services available to help home buyers. This is one-way real estate agents can attract leads and readers who may be ready to buy or sell soon!

Tips and Tricks

In this day and age, people love tips! They don’t want long-winded blog posts that go off on tangents. They want post titles that have a number in them! So “6 Ways to Paint Your Home” or “3 Money-Saving Tips For First-Time Home Buyers” can go a long way when attracting new readers.

Local Stats and Fun Facts

Almost every city has interesting facts about it and what makes the community unique. Why not write a post highlighting some of these facts, especially if they relate to buying or selling a home? Find one fact you think would be cool to share and hit publish! You never know how many people may come back for more fun facts later.

Current Events

If something is going on in your area that many potential buyers may be interested in (think: Area Parade, Local Fair, etc.), you can be sure people will come to your blog to learn more about it!

Think of smaller community activities that may not get much news coverage when considering what events to write about. Those are the posts readers will love the most!

Listing Of The Week

These posts have been popular among real estate bloggers for years because they offer potential buyers and sellers an excellent incentive. Readers want to see homes for sale, but you know there is a time commitment involved in buying or selling a home, so why not give them something to look forward to?

You can also include some basic information such as how many beds and baths the home has, along with an asking price.

Reader Questions

If you have a blog where readers can ask questions and leave comments, you should answer as many of these as possible. Offer your real estate expertise and help the reader solve their problem or concern. If they leave an email address or phone number, be sure to block it out, so it doesn’t appear in the post!

Local Tips and Resources

This is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to get involved with your blog. You could highlight a few local contractors who do things like gutter cleaning or lawn care along with their contact information. As long as there is no selling going on, this will likely be beneficial for both parties!


Sending out newsletters is one of the best ways to keep existing readers up-to-date about new blog posts. If you have time, try sending out a newsletter at least once every two weeks. Readers will appreciate the reminder, and it has the potential to get more eyes on their blog!


Several other topics would be useful for real estate agents, but these are some of the top ones I have noticed being shared around real estate blogging groups. Once you have found your niche, stick to it, and you will see better results when attracting new followers!