We all know that real estate is a very competitive and lucrative business. For new agents, the idea of making six figures in commissions can be tantalizing. And it should: according to The National Association of Realtors (NAREB), the median total income for full-time, year-round real estate salespeople and brokers was $40,000. That’s not bad at all!
It may seem like anyone who wants to get started with little experience and make money hand over fist. But this isn’t true – there’s more to succeeding in such a cutthroat industry than just picking up a sign and hoping for the best.
The fact is, without following some simple guidelines and showing potential clients you’re reliable and professional, you could have a tough time making it anywhere in this business.
That being said, there are plenty of things you can do to start gaining clients and stay ahead of the competition. This article will discuss some basic ideas for both new agents and more experienced professionals looking to boost their real estate careers.
Aspiring real estate agents know the extensive education and licensing process but do not know how to start a successful career.

Join a Real Estate Team

A new agent may join a Kelowna Real Estate team for many reasons. They have nearly unlimited access to the MLS and an opportunity to be part of a great business that has been around for hundreds of years.

You might be planning on joining a team because you’ve heard about how easy it is to get listings from past agents. Maybe this has been something you’ve been thinking about since your family member was struggling to sell their home on their own without very few showings.
I am sure there are other reasons, but those are some major ones. All these answers lead up to one question:

Start a Career as a Realtor

The first step is to complete the educational requirements needed for your state. Every state has different requirements, but some similarities can be seen everywhere. You will need to have a real estate license, bond, and insurance before you can start selling homes.
After finishing these steps, you can go ahead and ask your boss how you apply for listings, open houses, etc. Your first home might not sell right away. It would be excellent if you had other things in place so you have something to do while waiting for the perfect buyer.

Get Your First Listing

There are many ways to get your first listing. It’s best if someone helps guide you through this process. This person must be honest because they know what they are doing, and they won’t want to lose out on commission because you can’t sell the home.
Some agents give their first listings away, but it only happens if they think the new agent has confidence and good connections. Also, it’s essential to know how to do open houses before asking for your first listing. It will be nearly impossible to get one if this step isn’t completed yet.

Can You Get More Listings With Open Houses?

The general answer is no. Be ready for people who will say different but understand that there are many ways of marketing yourself as a Realtor Focus on those things instead of chasing after every lead that comes your way.
If someone says, “I’ll buy my home when I find the right Realtor,” then your answer should be, “I hope I’m that Realtor when you decide to sell.” This is the best way of marketing yourself. Having a website will bring more people to you, and it’s essential to update this often with recent listings in the area and other things that may interest someone.

Become a Good Listing Agent

One thing most new agents don’t understand about being a listing agent is how crucial it is for them to find their buyers instead of sitting around waiting for the buyer to come looking for them. If they do, it means there is something wrong with your marketing strategy because no one wants an inactive Realtor.
Being successful in real estate doesn’t happen overnight. There are many things you can do to be more successful. It’s also good to know how selling a home works, which most new agents don’t fully understand.

Advantages of Just Sold Cards

One key advantage of having these cards is that it shows potential clients that you have sold homes in their neighborhood before. You should have one if you haven’t done so yet because people love to see success.
If they could choose between two agents, someone who has experience or doesn’t, they would always pick the experienced agent even if the other agent may offer better service overall.

Realtors and Social Media

There are many professionals in many different fields that use social media to reach out to people. Real estate is one of those professions because it allows you to market yourself differently.
There are many platforms where realtors can share their real estate experiences with others, but platforms are also meant for direct communication.
Author Andrew Smith
Royal LePage Kelowna

Author Andrew Smith
Royal LePage Kelowna