Using Video Tours to Market Your Real Estate Listings

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Using video tours to market your real estate listings. Selling a home requires quite a few different components. One major portion of the process is marketing a in the right light. Not all homes are going to be the ones that buyers want to see, but it’s your job to sell the home, whether it’s perfect or not quite. That’s why it’s important to use photos and video. Virtual tours or video tours have become a bit more popular for those beautiful homes that naturally sell themselves. With the right camera, some know-how and great light, you can make a house shine with a virtual tour that increases your ability to market a property.

Getting started with video
The first thing you need is a great camera. When buying a camera, pick out one with HD and a large megapixel range, usually past 14 pixels. The standard aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 is also important, so remember those factors when selecting a camera. In addition, you will likely want a tripod to take smooth shots of the home. It’s also important to remember that the light in the home and the time of day needs to be just right. Try to shoot early in the morning when sunlight is filtering through the home.

Which angles to choose
Your video needs to show off several parts of the property, starting with the outside. You should give a good look from many points of view, looking at the home from the street, from the front door, then a more detailed look at both the front and back yard. Once inside the home, you simply want to show off the space and interior. If it’s furnished, then the virtual tour will be even more amazing inside as long as it’s clean. If it’s not furnished, make sure to show off angles that expand upon the space and details of each room.

How to shoot the video
In each part of the home, you’ll set up the tripod from the angle that you want to see the room. With the camera on, pan from side to side from one end of the room to the other. You also want to make sure that your tripod is at the right height to capture all that you want from the home. Check any video takes by playing it back on the camera to see how it came out and make sure that’s what you want.

Areas of focus
Homes need to show off livability. Kitchens, bathrooms, master suites, pools, grilling areas, garages, game rooms, decks, patios, porches, landscape design and any other special features should be the focus of the video.

Editing and uploading
Once you take the video, you’ll hook the camera to your computer or send the video to a cloud service, however you feel comfortable. You’ll need video editing software such as After Effects or Final Cut Pro. There are some free video editing software programs available out there as well. The virtual tour shouldn’t be any longer than a few minutes, at the very most three or four. Remember, buyers’ attention spans are short.

Should you hire someone else?
In some cases, if you don’t want to buy a camera or spend the time shooting and editing yourself, hiring a professional may be the better choice. However, you need to make sure that you are checking the video as it is being shot in the home to make sure that he or she is getting the right shots. There are many graphic design and web design services that advertise virtual tours, but check their previous work to ensure they know what they’re doing first. The other great part about hiring a professional is that they will handle all of the editing and uploading for you, so that once the video is taken, you can just wait a day or so for the video to be completed and sent to you in a video format which you can upload to your listing.

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