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Best Online Tools for Promoting Real Estate Properties

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There are a variety of ways that you can promote real estate properties using online tools. Social media is the latest way that real estate agents can truly network and get their names out there. Social marketing is the key to becoming a top real estate in today’s housing market. As much as real estate agents are businesspeople, they are also competitive entrepreneurs when the market gets rough to navigate. Adding social media into the mix just makes your site that much more competitive.

Social Media Strategies
Contests, sweepstakes, video challenges and other strategies can truly affect how you are represented with social media. Vote contests on Twitter are one of the best ways to get your name and real estate business out there. However, it starts by following and adding followers to your Twitter page. However, as with all contests, you have to give away something to make the contest worthwhile.

Photo contests and video contests are another way to strategize. These are easy to do with “best home and lawn” contests, but the prize must match the contest. Bigger prizes will attract more attention as well.

Sweepstakes on Twitter can be run for all types of things, and you can track the results with software like that from Wishpond. This is an essential for any real estate agent who wants to make sure that their social media strategies are working.

Access Top Home Selling Sites
Zillow, Yahoo Real Estate, Craigslist and Trulia are some of the best places to advertise your home. These are the most popular sites for listing and cross listing homes that you are selling. However, you have to make sure that you use the tools on these sites to your full advantage and link to the listings as well from your own real estate agency. By doing this, you increase links to your properties and guarantee that your listings will be seen.

Craigslist is a popular way to find first-time buyers and sell properties to those who are looking in specific areas. Craigslist is also a free service, so it’s a cost-effective way to gain more exposure.

If you’re not familiar with these sites, look around first to see how other listings appeal to buyers and sellers, then design your plan accordingly.

Lead Generation and SEO Tools
Market Leader, Quicksilver, Real Geek and many other SEO site builders offer great tools for lead generation, contact management and search engine optimization. These highly effective tools provide all sorts of marketing solutions. They can drive traffic to your site, capture leads and cultivate new business. They can even provide real estate analysis software to get the most from your SEO and tracking, allowing you to find the right keywords, look for new market areas and much more.

A combination of effective strategies can increase your reach and your success. The best advice is to do your research and find the right mix for your real estate business.

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