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Tips for Using LinkedIn for Real Estate

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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for any professional. Their social network connects over 74 million professionals in the United States and 200 million around the world, with two new members joining every second. Real estate agents can harness this resource to attract clients and improve sales. Here are five tips for realtors trying to use LinkedIn:

Establish your credibility as an agent
LinkedIn is an online resume and networking tool for professionals. Your credibility is only as strong as the accomplishments and relationships you can display! Clients will often do a preliminary online search before agreeing to contract with a particular agent. A well-crafted LinkedIn page could be the first thing a new client sees about you. Make sure that your page has your full educational and employment history, including major professional accomplishments. Also make sure you are connected to as many professional contacts as possible: clients want real estate agents who seem well-connected and influential; someone who has the contacts to get a home sold quickly.

Link to your website and social media accounts
Since your LinkedIn profile will often show up first in someone’s search results, make sure you use the platform to link to your other accounts online. If you use a Twitter account to advertise properties or offer advice, make sure a link to your Twitter page is included on your profile. If your agency has a Facebook page to list hot properties, link to that page as well. Avoid linking to your personal Facebook account – your conversations with friends may give an unprofessional image to prospective clients.

Network with other agents
Real estate is about relationships. Having a strong professional network is crucial for sales, finding new clients, and professional advancement. LinkedIn makes it easier to create and maintain those professional relationships. Networks are like plants; they need to be cared for or else they wither. You may not need your professional network until you are seeking new clients or a new job, but make sure t0 maintain your professional network before you need to use it. Even just checking in with contacts and offering to help can go a long way toward building strong relationships!

Contribute free content using your expertise
One of the easiest ways to maintain a professional network is to share your expertise with others. Professionals who frequently contribute free content draw new professional contacts and distinguish themselves as leaders in their field. Even if you can’t help another agent find a job, offering advice or professional contacts is a free way to build good will. Someday those same people might be the ones helping you find a new job or land a client!

Use status updates to promote successes
Clients want their real estate agent to be successful. Status updates on LinkedIn are a great way to advertise your success to clients. Someone searching for your profile will be impressed if they see a status update that you sold two homes in the past week. Make sure that your status updates are publicly visible. This feature can be accessed through the settings panel on your LinkedIn account. If your status updates are private, only your professional contacts – not potential clients – will be able to see how successful you are!

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