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Real Estate Website Tools for Your New Real Estate Business

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Several real estate website tools are available to help you with your new real estate business. A website is an effective tool for real estate in today’s world. With online listings, pictures, video galleries and search features, real estate agents can easily list properties and attract new clients online. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience setting up websites, then you may need an experienced site builder that also has CPC and SEO services. There are a variety of options out there for the real estate agent who’s just getting started or even for those who want to attract new buyers or sellers to their site.

Market Leader

Market Leader is one of the most popular lead generation and contact software for real estate agents. With integrated software solutions, multiple real estate tools and a site designer integrated with SEO, many real estate agents choose this software to create the perfect lead-generating site. It’s also the most expensive. With its site building software, you can add video and photos with guaranteed help to get your site ranked highly in search engines. For awhile, Market Leader was one of the only lead generation software options for real estate agents, but now there are many more out there, allowing for more competitive pricing.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a relatively new company that combines both CPC and SEO with a more affordable price. In addition, the software allows you to create your own site rather than renting one from Market Leader. The most important part is that Real Geeks allows for more search tools.

Quicksilver Solutions

Looking for something more comprehensive? Quicksilver offers a web-based real state contact manager along with lead-generating website tools, IDX search tools, email marketing solutions, file and documents storage system and much more. In many ways, Quicksilver claims to be the ultimate solution for real estate agents on the web. The setup price can be quite hefty however at $500 and $50 per month. Quicksilver does offer the complete package for those who want serious SEO and to compete on a bigger scale within their real estate markets.


For marketing and leads, there may be no better choice for real estate agents than Sales Force. In addition to lead generating software, SalesForce claims that real estate agents can boost sales productivity, boost win rates, grow revenue and do it all from the cloud with their latest software. In addition, social accounts and contacts in social media are also given a place with SalesForce software, which means that you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube easily.

If you want to create something truly beautiful that also works for your purposes, then it is essential that you develop a custom website that integrates SEO, lead generation and IDX into the site. All in all, it comes down to goals and what you want for your site. With the right content, links, videos, contact management software and listing organization, you can truly affect the outcome of your site and gain some useful tools as well.

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