Keyword Tools: A Must For Real Estate Agents

Google Advertising Program
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Of all of the keyword tools out there, Google AdWords is definitely one of the best; but what exactly is it, and what can it do for me? In short, Google AdWords is a multi-billion dolla keyword tool, bid-based network for online sellers who want to display text ads at the top of Google search results in the ‘Sponsored Links’ section.

Ads optimized for the keyword “Newberry homes for sale,” for example, would appear to people who type that phrase into Google’s search box. Advertisers pay only for clicks, hence “PPC,” Pay Per Click. Everything is tracked, so you always know your exact return-on-investment.

Clicks are a valuable source of leads, representing a keyword-targeted audience that, in all probability, is interested in buying a home in a certain area or town. When these searchers click on your ad, they go to your website, where you can welcome them with glittering pictures of that area or town’s properties for sale and clever opt-in opportunities.

The AdWords system is a quick and easy way to begin exploiting the lead-generating potential of the web right away. But how does it work?

Get started

First create an account with Google, if you don’t already have one. Then tweak your settings. Be sure to set your ad’s location—people in that same area or town from above, for instance—using your target market’s zip code. Next, create a budget – how much you’re willing to pay for each individual click your ad — then set a budget cap amount that makes sense for your situation.

Before writing your first ad, you’ll need to identify some relevant keywords. If you don’t already have established terms as part of your content marketing strategy, now is a good time to choose the most important keywords for your online lead generation machine.

Ask yourself: What is your real estate focus? Do you specialize in short sales? Imagine how clients think of the services you offer, and cross-reference your ideas using Google’s Adwords keyword planner. Think high traffic, low competition. Ideally, keywords are neither saturated with competition, nor so obscure there’s very little traffic. These tend to be three-word combinations.

Localize it

The idea is to get as many clicks as possible out of your initial budget, and that means using hyper-relevant keywords organized into ad groups. For real estate agents, relevance means localization. Localizing ads is the key to making clients out of searchers.

Your terms, for example, might be “Newberry real estate short sales,” “Newberry short sale realtors,” and “Newberry short sale agent.” These are all nicely focused around the same keyword theme, with very similar phrasing.

Create lots of ad groups based on these kinds of well-defined keyword themes, using five keywords per group. Once you have your terms, write up a text ad with a title and description containing them. Be sure to link to your website.

These are the basic steps to getting started with AdWords. The rules of the game aren’t unlike those in real estate. You’re already used to monitoring key market indicators and knowing the numbers that make you a competitive agent. In AdWords, you’ll need the exact same skills. Savvy real estate agents are well-suited to the task of generating AdWords leads, at minimal expense and for maximum value.

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