Growing Your Real Estate Client Base

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Growing a solid client base takes plenty of time, persistence and a little bit of charm, especially if many of your clients come through referrals. The most important way to build your client base is to maintain your relationships with the clients you already have: follow up, call back, and always stay in touch.

Do so even with the clients you’ve already closed a deal with—in order to make referrals to their friends, neighbors and family, they need to remember you! Remember the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind?” That applies to real estate, too, so never stay out of sight.

Send birthday, holiday, graduation and anniversary cards. Keep notes on every conversation you have with your client, even little personal details that might not seem important. That way, you can send them a little notes or give them a call to show your clients you care. Is their son going off to college in the fall? Did their father just have surgery? Remember those tidbits, and use them to stay in touch.

Call at least a few potential clients a day. You know those folks—the ones you might fondly refer to as “tire kickers?” Those people you meet at the grocery store or in line for lunch who mention they’re thinking of buying or selling a home soon? Get their information, and call them once a month. Chances are they will either become a client or refer one.

Don’t be a “secret agent.” Tell everyone you meet that you are a real estate agent, and keep your business cards on you at all time. Yes, even give a card to the landscaping guy—he has clients that own houses! Being an agent shouldn’t be your second identity—it should be your identity. It should become second nature to introduce yourself to a new person and mention that you’re a real estate agent. You’ll be surprised by how many people will mention that they (or their uncle, or their neighbor, or their best friend) is looking to buy or sell.

By following these tips, you’ll see your real estate client base begin to grow in no time.

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