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3 Examples of using Facebook for Real Estate Marketing

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How are you going to get listings if you’re not marketing? Virtually every real estate professional in the business knows that marketing is essential, but did you know that you should be marketing virtually? Internet marketing has become increasingly popular among real estate professionals who want to target a widespread audience. While there are several platforms to market on, Facebook is becoming a powerful platform for real estate marketing where professionals can market themselves as well as advertise their listings for tons of exposure.

Using Facebook the right way
Just because you have a social media profile does not mean that you are utilizing the platform to its potential. Realtors who truly want to succeed using Facebook as a marketing tool need to be creative and resourceful. Simply writing a blurb that you are the best real estate agent in your geographic region is not going to attract the audience you are looking for. You will need to plunge deeper into the platform, come up with real estate marketing strategies to ultimately persuade anyone buying or selling their home to trust you. Here are some great examples of how some of the top real estate professionals are successfully using Facebook.
#1: Using Facebook groups
Joining or creating your very own Facebook group to network with other businesses is an excellent way to establish yourself as an active member of the community and an expert in your field. By joining groups in your local vicinity where business professionals can network and share referrals, you can find the resources you need to help clients with tasks you are not experienced with, all while improving your local reputation. Joining a network is like marketing yourself as a professional and an expert. Facebook groups can also become a powerful place to market to consumers and homeowners who are looking to buy or sell homes. By creating a group titled “First-time home buyers in (city)”, you can stay engaged with prospects in your community and identify users with a genuine interest in doing business with you.
#2: Uploading virtual showing videos
Are you posting information about your listings on Facebook? If you are, you are giving your listings added exposure. One of the great things about Facebook is that you can do more than post MLS details; you can also upload slideshows and video tours to share to your followers and fans. By staging the property, taking professional, high-quality videos, and then uploading these videos, you will get more views and will spark more interest in a property that may have otherwise sat stale on the market.#3: Giveaways and contests
Real estate agents have been using giveaways and contests to attract buyers and sellers traditionally for years. Post pictures of your listing’s kitchen, the bathroom, and the exterior, and ask your fans and followers to vote for their favorite photo as part of a voting contest. A photo contest on Facebook will show you who is engaged, will help you retain clients, and will also make you choose the best photo to put as the main picture on your listing.Find creative ways to use Facebook to your advantage as a real estate agent and you will not only build your brand, you will also improve search engine rankings so more traffic is directed to your site. This powerful real estate marketing platform helps you reach an audience and keep them engaged.
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