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Real Estate Startups. In the real estate world, many startup websites have made a big splash into the housing market pool, allowing users to search through listings, contact realtors personally and gain much easier access to a bevy of homes across the world. Many of these sites offer a valuable resource featuring maps, price ranges, specialty features, photos and video selections, whereas other sites are not as feature-rich. These are five sites that offer many robust elements for homebuyers and real estate agents alike.

1. Zillow offers a variety of different ways to view listings and become listed as a real estate agent. Since 2005, Zillow has increased the exposure of many listings to help sell a home quickly. Zillow works in a variety of ways to offer more statistical information as well as all sorts of elements for each listing that you have, adding pictures, details and of course, the real estate agent’s contact information. Zillow is well organized and arguably the most popular real estate aggregator online.

2. Trulia
Like Zillow, Trulia offers maps and easy selection tools to search and find properties. For real estate agents, it’s important to get your properties listed on all the different sites that people may use, for the best exposure. In some cases, Trulia has been cited as having more accurate statistics and realtor-friendly practices when compared to Zillow. But when searching the same property, roughly the same results appeared, including property details, contact details for the real estate agents, neighborhood valuations and more. There are also a few other cool things about Trulia like the Q&A community called Trulia Voices, Trulia Profiles and of course an abundance of different Trulia widgets that help to guide consumers to your listing.

3. allows you to create some interesting elements for your site, like interactive floorplans in 3-D. A great way to get buyers interested in a house is to get them to start arranging furniture. Before they know it, they already want to view the home thanks to this innovative tool. Once buyers start to look at where they’d place furniture and get a feel for a home online, it’s usually within the same day that they contact a real estate agent to schedule a viewing.

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Want to offer your interested parties something truly informative? Try SmartZip. When you’re buying a new car, you like to see a report or Carfax on what’s happened to it in the past. SmartZip works the same way only with houses, including detailed analysis of a home’s value in an organized way.

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