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How To Keep Real Estate Documents Organized

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It can be a never-ending challenge for real estate agents to stay organized. There are so many documents, notes, business cards, contracts and contacts involved in running a real estate business, it can seem nearly impossible to keep track of everything. But there are a few simple ways a real estate agents can keep everything straight:

Document everything. Keep a notebook with you wherever you go, and write down everything you do in the course of a day. Or, if you’re more digital-minded, consider downloading a digital note-taking application like Evernote. If you get a call, for example, immediately grab your pen and notebook (or laptop). Even jot down things you’ll think you’ll never use—you’ll look back and be glad that you recorded the conversation. Also, keep a copy of everything you’re given: repair receipts, business cards or notes that the client may leave you. You never know when you’ll need them again, but chances are, you will.

Develop a digital workflow. With so many online storage and signature web sites, it’s tough to know which to use. Consider using a real estate transaction service, like Dotloop, to generate and store all forms for compliance. You can also use document-signing websites like to allow your clients to sign on the dotted line in seconds, even from their smart phones. Between these two sites, agents can create documents, get signatures and store all their paperwork, without filing a single piece of paper.

Make an electronic copy and a paper copy of everything. It may seem like an old school idea, but you never know when you’ll need either a digital copy or hard copy of any document. If a client ever contacts you for a repair receipt months after a transaction has closed, you’ll be able to email it to them in five minutes. Here’s how: when you get new client, make them their own client folder on your computer. Follow the first two tips, documenting every interaction and transaction you have with that client and saving digital copies of everything in the client folder. Stick the hard copy in a filing cabinet or give it back to the client and document that you did so. (Seeing a pattern here?)

By keeping notes on every conversation and transaction, making use of online document organizing tools and making multiple copies of everything, you can become that ultra-organized superagent that has every piece of paper at their fingertips.


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