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How much should real estate agents get involved in their clients’ transactions?

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Real estate agents play a key role in facilitating the buying and selling of homes and other available properties. While some buyers lean on their real estate agents throughout the buying or selling process, other buyers want to do things on their own. How much should real estate agents get involved during the home buying or selling process?

Show buyers only what they want to see
Although a good agent knows where the hot properties are, the home buyer needs to be in control of the entire home selection process. If a buyer is shown a house outside of their price range or outside their desired neighborhood, that buyer is going to be resentful of their agent and they might even change agents entirely.

Buyers should decide how much they want to offer
The vast majority of buyers don’t know the ins-and-outs of how a real estate transaction is closed. This is why lawyers and real estate agents are strongly encouraged or required before a deal is closed. However, the one thing that needs to be left up to the buyer is the price being offered for the home. If a buyer doesn’t feel comfortable meeting the asking price that the seller wants, the real estate agent shouldn’t force the buyer to do so. Eventually, the buyer is either going to make a suitable offer or find another home to put an offer on.

How involved should the seller’s agent be?
The agent representing the seller needs to offer input without crossing any lines. Just like the buyer should not be pressured to make an offer on a home that is outside of his or her price range, the seller’s agent should not force the seller to take an offer that he or she doesn’t want to take. Unless the house is going through a short sale, there is no reason to close the sale until the seller feels comfortable. All an agent can do is to market, stage and sell buyers on the reasons why they should buy the house at the price being quoted.

A good real estate agent will do nothing more than give their client the information that they need to make informed decisions. There is nothing a real estate agent should do to force a buyer or seller to do anything that they will regret later on. At some point, a serious buyer will find a motivated seller to do a deal with regardless of what you say or do.

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