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Improve the Customer Experience: Most Important Qualities In An Agent

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With so many realtors in the game of selling or buying homes, what really makes a homebuyer or seller want to choose one over another? In many cases, clients want to feel as if they can form a trusting relationship with their realtor, which often means that they will choose a realtor that a friend or family member recommends. However, in many cases, the Internet and social media in particular has changed the way that people can find a new realtor. At the end of the day, homebuyers and sellers want to get a great deal. The right agent can make the customer experience both a pleasure and benefit.

The deal breaker for home buyers and sellers
The most important rule to follow for real estate agents is to build trust within their clients. Real estate agents must first prove that they know what they’re doing, which starts with the first impression. In today’s world, clients rarely meet real estate agents for the first time face-to-face. In many occasions, the first interaction is one-sided on the part of the homebuyer or seller. They are looking at a selection of homes online, seeing a real estate agent’s contact information, photo and profile. It’s essential that all of those pieces add up to the picture that a client wants to see. 

Usefulness and qualification
Most of all, the information that a realtor provides should be helpful and relevant. If a client searches for homes in a certain market, they probably want to also know about schools, demographics, crime rates and employment factors as well. These factors should be given along with all the essential details of a property, while also keeping the integrity of the property at paramount. It’s a delicate balance of providing the right kind of information while also showing that a realtor understands the neighborhood and will be able to help someone find the perfect home. In addition, on a realtor’s contact page, all of the qualifications should be listed in an “about” section, such as education, brokerage and license.

Client loyalty and testimonials
Customers also want to see reviews about a realtor’s skills. If testimonials are provided on the real estate agency’s site and reviews are listed in Google map results, an agent has a better chance of getting seen by a new client. However, these testimonials need to show a “real” quality and not come off as too showy or boastful. At the end of the day, customers want to trust that a realtor can negotiate a great deal, help with all parts of a transaction and maintain a certain level of privacy as well as loyalty to the client.

The art of subtle persuasion
When speaking to clients, agents really need to focus on the client’s specifications, taking note of what they say about the uses they’ve looked at or what areas they are truly interested in. Listening is the first key to forming the correct responses to questions and leading the client into a direction that benefits both parties. It’s essential that a real estate agent understand the types of clients that a market or region attracts, so that homes can be advertised in a particular way. However, at the end of the day, home buyers or sellers will know if a real estate is worthwhile within the first interview. Being presentable, understanding the client and really listening is the best way to gain a buyer or seller’s trust.

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