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Creating a Strong Online Presence

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Real estate agents cannot sell homes or properties if they do not have clients. Thus, a real estate professional’s number one need is to find new clients and really build the right image for them and their business. This means understanding the power of the Internet. Few people today find listings in newspapers or by signage alone. Instead, more consumers today go online to look for property listings, read up on real estate agents and make buying decisions. Real estate agents who create a strong online presence will be ahead of the game and increase the pipeline of new business.

Develop a well-designed website

Websites help agents build their reputation and brand. After all, people today want to work with experts in the field. It is important that a website is easy to navigate, attractive and has high-quality images and text. Smart real estate agents will hire professional web designers to help them create a site. A strong online presence can increase search engine rankings and web traffic as well as create word-of-mouth buzz.

Use social networking websites

Social networking websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram help real estate professionals communicate with consumers, post images and information about new properties for sale, and give people real-time information. Using these social networks, real estate agents can generate a lot of great prospects online. Quick communication keeps a real estate agent’s listings fresh and can lure in new clients. Smart professionals should not only post about available properties and showings but also relevant local articles and media.

Use directories

Another way to lure in new clients online is to make sure that a real estate agent is mentioned in directories, related websites and even on websites like the Better Business Bureau and review sites. Consumers want to work with experts who are referenced by other websites and groups.

Link to other websites

Real estate professionals who want to build a strong online presence need to link to other websites. This is a chance to connect with the local newspaper’s website, advertise and increase link building. Such collaboration helps improve name recognition and a realtor’s reputation in and outside of the community.

Smart real estate professionals use the Internet to build their image. Over time, happy clients will discuss their experiences online, which can help convince other people to use the agents. Social networking websites are changing how real estate professionals can market themselves as well as available properties and the latest real estate news. In time, interest and credibility will increase and a realtor can build their brand, find new clients and increase sales.

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