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5 More CRM Tools for Real Estate Agents

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In today’s online business world, many real estate agents think that if they just have an online presence and show listings online that they are doing enough to get leads for their properties. That’s not necessarily true. Those who are truly ahead of the game use CRM (customer relationship management) tools. These are all-in-one types of software that handle your customer service, contacts, social media integration, real time reports on customer activity and trends, as well as marketing tools. For real estate agents, a CRM can truly mean that you are understanding what visitors are looking for and how to attract more interest to your properties.

Here are 5 more CRM tools for real estate agents (a follow up to 5 Great CRM Tools for Real Estate Agents).

1. PlanPlus Online
PlanPlus is great for the beginner real estate agent looking for some excellent CRM software. That’s because it helps you prioritize different tasks, manage new opportunities and works with both Mac and PC platforms. In addition, the software is easily accessible from smartphones and tablets alike. What this software really offers is a way to get organized and really use some social integration effectively. PlanPlus also offers a free trial.

2. IXACT Contact
Many real estate agents use IXACT Contact for their CRM program. This is a cloud-based contact management system that helps with both marketing and sales too. This way you can keep all of your relationships in one area easily accessible from any device. There are some amazing things working for IXACT Contact. For one, it’s got wireless sync and helps realtors who are constantly on the move to different locations or real estate teams who are managing a lot of contacts. IXACT has an awesome five week free trial of their system to see how it will work for you.

3. DYL Lead Advantage
DYL offers both a sales and VoIP software for real estate firms that are on the small side. With lead management and dialing services, you can increase your productivity and sales revenue. Really, it’s about direct marketing campaigns for your listings. It also includes call or email follow-up, appointment setting, CRM reports and much more. This software also works on both Mac or PC.

4. Rainmaker
This CRM software is one of the best for creating better productivity, managing leads and keeping all of your contacts together. In addition, it helps with client data management, so that you can see what’s going on with your clients and visitors in real time. You can quickly track and create marketing campaigns for your listings with this software.

5. CLP Suite
With CLP Suite, you can track contacts, keep an eye on appointments, capture leads, get real time reports and maintain deadlines for certain projects. This is a software with an autopilot feature that will also just tackle email marketing campaigns for you and even offers some SEO aspects as well. There are a few different packages for CLP Suite, so choose which one will fit your business the best.

There are plenty of CRM software companies out there. Most of them have lots of benefits for your real estate agency, but the one that will stand out offers an affordable price for all that it does and keeps you on the go.

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