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Steps to Successful Problem Solving for your Clients

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As agents, we know the moment we acquire a new client that there will be many obstacles before closing. Here are some successful problem solving tips to help navigate huge hurdles for both buyers and sellers.

Explain the Process

Even if the buyer or seller tells you they’ve “done this before,” it’s best to put your process in writing to eliminate a lot of the problems and confusion that might arise. This step also helps build trust between you and your clients. I like to create a booklet covering a few key areas: What’s the best way to communicate with me — do you prefer phone? Text? Email? What are the obligations of the client and those of the agent? Build a process timeline — what should your clients expect when? For buyers, outline the costs involved, how option and earnest money works and a snapshot of expected PITI and closing costs.

What Is This Home Worth?

In my experience, the comps don’t lie. And I don’t mean that you should just run a CMA report of like-sized homes in the area and regurgitate the numbers. You should actually explore the comparable homes that have sold in the last three to six months.  Look at the quality of the homes, any upgrades or maintenance they’ve received (or not received), and their location. This requires driving the neighborhood, talking to neighbors, and looking at the details of the interior pictures on MLS. Only then can you fairly assess a property’s true market value.

Just the Facts

So, you’ve had all your inspections, and the house needs repairs. My number one negotiation tool when asking for repairs is to attach actual costs. Either get licensed companies to estimate the cost of repairs during the option period, or compare the cost of the needed repairs to estimates collected from other home sales. Then itemize the repair request and submit it with the estimates. Sure, the seller can still say no, but most of the time, when actual costs are submitted, the seller will take care of the repairs.

We all know that eliminating issues before they arise and (navigating them calmly and professionally when they do) is the only way to be a trusted, successful and less stressed agent!


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