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Help your past customers sell now

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When you have spent a few years in the real estate business, you’re going to have past customers come back to you to sell the home you originally helped them purchase. As luck would have it, this may be the best time to push your clients to sell: Home prices are up, market inventory is running a bit thin, and there’s record-low financing available to buyers. Let your past sales victories continue to pay dividends by helping your clients capitalize on this hot market. You already know everything there is to know. So, relax and keep these things in mind during the transaction:

You already know the house

This is key to helping your past customers sell. You likely remember when you showed the seller the house for the first time. You recall the glimmer in their eyes and how excited they were to find a home they really wanted. You have anecdotes ready to go about how you showed them every single feature of the home as they fell in love with it.

Now, when you show new prospective buyers through the house, you can highlight the amenities of the house, but you also know precisely what upgrades have been made, too. Between personal stories about the house and knowing what work has been done to it, you have more information than any other agent.

You know the seller

Many people who are shopping for homes get nervous because they’re not sure if the seller is going to hold up their end of the bargain. Sellers back out of deals every day, you’ve seen it. However, if you already know the sellers, you can help ease the minds of buyers you’re working with so they feel more comfortable signing a contract.

You’re building cyclical relationships

Beyond the sale that you are working on, you are going to get more referrals from people who have bought and sold a home with you. When they have seen both sides of how you work, they will know you are the person to recommend to their friends and family. Word of mouth is huge in the real estate industry, and your business really benefits when happy customers say nice things about you.

You are becoming an expert in a certain area of town

Every time you get to sell the same home twice, you will become more of an expert in that area of town. Every time you take a new buyer back into that area, they will realize you’ve sold half the homes in the neighborhood. Prospective buyers will come to you because you’ve been selling in that area for years.

Help your past customers so that you can garner more business, positive word of mouth, and keep customers happy for years to come.

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