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Get The Most Value From Home Remodeling

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Most buyers want to see certain home remodeling and update within a home like nice kitchens and modern bathrooms. It’s essential that such features are highlighted during home showings so as to offer buyers the best vision possible of the property. Most people are aware that the kitchen is an important upgrade to take on, but there are other important home renovations that will impress prospective buyers. 

Energy efficient windows

Not only do old windows that are cracked, faded, and difficult to open make a house look old, they also represent high utility bills and energy loss. Energy efficient windows are a modern and attractive option to today’s buyers, and thus they will likely improve the first impression a buyer might have of the home. Most buyers make up their minds about a property upon driving up to the residence, and new windows offer exceptional curb appeal.

Entertainment rooms or systems

Sitting in front of a flatscreen with a killer sound system is as popular today as going to the movies. An advanced sound system with built-in speakers or an entire room devoted to entertainment offers excellent recreational appeal to a home. Hidden panels for items like speakers, components, and wires remove the clutter from an entertainment center and boost the luxury-factor of a property.

Improve the landscaping

Prospective buyers’ initial impressions of the outside of the home is vital. Landscaping is often one of the easiest ways to enhance the appearance of a home without significant money or time spent on home remodeling and updates. Simple and appealing updates like new patio furniture or refurbishing the back deck (or even installing one) create an excellent way for a buyer to picture the fun they could have in the backyard with friends and family.

Give the kitchen upgrades

An old kitchen is probably the number one reason why a buyer would walk out of a house with an unfavorable opinion about the residence. Upgrading a kitchen is usually a lot of work, and it may cost more than any other renovation in the home. But the value to the home and the sales potential cannot be underestimated. At the very least, new appliances, fixtures and cabinet knobs will provide a nice update for the space.

Modernize the bathroom

Beyond a nice paint job and some new fixtures, there are a ton of modern and attractive features for bathrooms today. Luxury items like heated towel racks, heated floors, high-efficiency toilets, and motion sensors can create modern appeal for any style of home, no matter the age of the property.

Attractive renovations make the job of a real estate agent much easier, as all buyers want to hear about the upgrades that they won’t need to make after purchasing the home. And remember, encouraging your sellers to include a home warranty from American Home Shield is always a good idea, as it’s an upgrade that can be very attractive to a prospective buyer.

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