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5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know About Effective Blog Writing

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5 things every real estate agent needs to know about effective blog writing. Blogs can be an excellent way to personalize your business with your clients. Good writing and dynamic content can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your audience interested in what you have to say. Here are five tips that can instantly give your writing a lift and make your blog an inspiration for your clients.

1. Go hyperlocal: Remember that your readers probably only have a surface awareness of the market overall, and that the national headlines they see might not have any relation to what is happening in their own community. Take the time to point out the differences in national trends with regard to the microcosm that is your own market. Show the positive relations between the local economy and home sales.

2. Be useful, often: This comes from marketing expert Jim Connolly on how to attract more readers to your site. This speaks to the power of building on your expertise and the momentum that can you can generate by attracting more readers. You obviously have a passion for your work, so find elements that speak to current market trends: home sizes, tips for green sustainable living or ways to compare moving companies. Basically, choose topics that a new homeowner or one looking to buy will want to read.

3. Find inspiration and improve: Don’t just limit your reading to other real estate sites. There are plenty of blog coaching sites that can help you get motivated and hone your writing skills. Pick blogs on topics of interest to you outside of real estate, and see how those bloggers accomplish their work. You might even reach out to other writers for tips. To polish your writing, check out The Grammar Girl, who posts tips regularly and offers a searchable database of past entries on just about every grammar topic imaginable.

4. Invite guest voices to your site: Other agents may have special insight on the local market, and a guest column on your blog may be great exposure for this information, along with giving you a break from the constant demand of writing. You also might check with loan officers or home inspectors who might be able to contribute timely information to help first-time homebuyers. Look for experts such as interior designers who could be of inspiration to your readers and who can contribute regularly.

5. Show-and-tell in multimedia: Remember to not only use the power of words, but also extend points of interest on your site with photos and videos. You are in the business of show-and-tell when it comes to homes, and there’s no better place to do that than on a blog. Teaser entries on Facebook linking back to your blog can bring new readers to your site to learn more about available homes and to see home interiors from the comfort of their couch. It may help to think of your blog as your own multimedia channel when you are considering how to best present your information.

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