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Best Smartphone: Comparing Smartphones for Real Estate Agents

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Smartphones are essential in today’s business world, as anyone would agree. They make it easier than ever to upload documents, send payments, talk to contacts and arrange meetings for whatever your business needs. Real estate agents know just how important all of the functions in a smartphone can be for their business, but which one is the most handy? Real estate agents often learn the latest technology just so they can have that competitive edge.

What is the Best Smartphone for Real Estate Agents?

There are three main smartphones that today’s real estate industry uses: Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The old standby: a better Blackberry
For many real estate agents, there’s no question of the benefits of the Blackberry. With an easy-to-use keyboard and integrated email functionality, it’s very handy to get in touch with clients and answer important messages or set up meetings on the go. Blackberry phones also come with plenty of apps including ways to send and receive documents, send and receive faxes, check on deliveries or even look online for information. Plus, Blackberry Bold has both touch and type for those who prefer one or the other. In addition, Blackberry just came out with the Z10, an all-touch smartphone model.

On the go with iPhone
Many real estate agents have switched to the Apple iPhone for the ease-of-use and compatibility with other devices such as tablets. The iPhone allows for users to have a wider range of apps at their disposal as well as fast Internet speed, easy-to-use mobile web, high-quality camera and email. The only thing that really sets the iPhone back could be the touch typing features, which don’t always allow for the speed of use as with a Blackberry. Of course, there is always the worry about how quickly new Apple products come out, but even with the latest features, you’re still ahead of many other smartphones with a feature-rich iPhone 5.

The ultimate all-in-one Android
Real estate agents also turn to Android for the amount of apps, speed, web versatility and email that it allows for. Android smartphones and tablets make it much easier for real estate agents to communicate with buyers and post new units for sale online. In addition, the phones are built with exceptional camera and video tools, allowing you to create galleries that you can post online and even do virtual tours for new listings.

What real estate agents think of the Windows phone and other smartphones
The Windows Phone is still in its beginning stages, but it’s rapidly becoming one of the more versatile and connected types of smartphones. With Windows 8 phones, users can add apps easily with interactive flipping tiles and get the latest updates, as well as email. However, the apps store has yet to catch up with many of the application that real estate agents are used to using.

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